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Planned Forgetfulness

“Now what was I going to do?” “I know came down here for a reason?” Sound familiar? Or maybe you are about to make your Grandmother’s famous chicken and dumplings- the one you make all the time- but today you just can’t recall an ingredient? Some blame it on age (senior moments). Some call them brain farts. Whatever you call them, moments like these happen to me all the time.

In language therapy, there is tool used called “planned misunderstanding/ forgetfulness.” This occurs when you are engaged with your child and you “forget” something with the intention of your little one filling in the blank. You are preparing to eat dinner and forget to give your child a spoon. The expectation is that he will use language to state what is missing and to request what is needed. You are getting dressed and it is time to put on shoes. “Do I put the shoes on my head?” After lots of giggles, your little one should correct your silly mistake and tell you the correct function of shoes. If you are in need of ways to help improve your child’s expressive communication, give this tip a try. This tool will help you practice language and have some fun at the same time!

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