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Virtual Learning Tips for Parents

I am excited to feature a guest blogger for this post. Khalia Murray is the Founder of Ms.Murray's Corner and is here to offer some practical tips for adjusting to the start of this (unusual) school year. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA and has been an educator for six years. Khalia is committed to ensuring students reach their academic potential. You can learn more about Khalia at and look for future posts offering virtual learning tips for educators.


Virtual Learning is a brand new experience for many students, their families, and teachers! We are all learning and growing together through this process. I would definitely tell parents to give their children, their teachers and themselves "grace". There may be technical difficulties, your child may feel over it for the day, or their teacher may send out the wrong link. It's okay! TAKE A DEEP BREATH, relax for a minute, then give it another try. Parents should be encouraging and an active participant in their child's online learning experience. Parents, YOU GOT THIS :) Don't ever doubt yourself! 

Here's another tip. Make it fun for them! During a break, allow them to do something fun that they enjoy before having to sign back on. GoNoodle, Just Dance, and Kidz Bop are awesome for quick wiggle breaks.

Kids love treats! At the end of the day or week, provide some incentives. The Dollar Store and Target's Dollar section are great places to find small, inexpensive trinkets to create a Treasure Box for your child.

Having a "Fun Friday" at the end of the week would also make their day. Game night, movie night, or arts and crafts  go a long way. 

If your child is having trouble with specific content or a topic, ask their teacher for some additional help or seek outside Virtual Tutoring. Your child may benefit from a one-on- one session. During the pandemic I created a Virtual Tutoring Company, Ms.Murray's Corner. I provide one on one services to students in Pre-K through Second Grade in Math and Literacy. Some of my favorite child-friendly applications are Reading A-Z, Starfall, ABC Mouse, Boom Learning, Zearn, and Khan Academy.


Thank you again for these tips Khalia and for your insight. You can learn more about Khalia Murray at and look for future posts on her site offering virtual learning tips for educators.

Best of luck and stay safe,


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