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Having Our Say was built out of the understanding that life is busy and quality therapy can be hard to come by.  Communication is the essence of life, and with this in mind I provide home-based speech and language therapy services to families, which is not only convenient, but also allows children to practice and learn skills in their natural environment. I have a deep understanding and appreciation for the role families play in their children’s progress.  My goal is to provide quality resources that equip parents and caregivers with tools to ensure ongoing success.

In addition to therapy services, I offer workshops  to professionals, caregivers, and families on a variety of topics related to speech and language development and literacy.  

Liam's First Cut is my debut children's book!  It tells the story of Liam, an autistic Black boy who is preparing for his first visit to the barbershop! This book was written to give visibility to groups that are often missing in children's books and to help ease the anxiety related to approaching new situations.


Order an autographed copy for your child here.

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Providing services to clients in the Northern NJ area

Expressive & receptive language delays/disorders

Articulation & phonological delays/disorders

Childhood apraxia of speech


Social communication delays

We support children with a variety of needs