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Be Seen & Heard

As a speech pathologist, I love using books in therapy.  I use books to teach language, lessons, and concepts.  As a mom, I am equally obsessed with providing my daughters with books to instill a love of reading and to introduce them to new places, people, and experiences.  I have always been intentional about selecting a variety of books that feature children of all races and cultures for my home library, but I realized that my school/ therapy library was not as diverse. 


Did you know that about 30% of  children's books published in 2022 feature main characters from diverse backgrounds?  Most children's books feature animals or white children as the main characters.  Armed with this information, I began looking for books to share in therapy that are as diverse as the world in which we live.  

This section of my site features some of the books that I have found and love - including the book that I authored, Liam's First Cut.  I placed my recommendations in one place for your convenience.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but gives you a glimpse at some existing work.  Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list to get updates as I discover new books and add them to this list. You can also follow me on Instagram @havingoursay for updates on new releases.

The images include an affiliate link and as an Amazon associate I may receive a small percentage from qualifying purchases. 

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