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Having Our Say provides home-based speech and language therapy services to children and their families, which is not only convenient but also allows children to practice and learn skills in their natural environment. With a deep understanding of the role families play in their children’s progress, we work to provide the highest quality therapy and resources to empower parents and caregivers with tools to ensure ongoing success.


Serving Northern NJ: Fort Lee, Edgewater, Cliffside Park, Palisades Park, and West Orange and South Orange. 

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Be Seen & Heard 

Thearpy Services

Our therapy sessions are scheduled for 30-45 minutes and frequency is determined based on the need of each individual and as a team with the family. ​Therapy is at home and we always invite families to be an active member of the team and therapy sessions.

Articulation & Speech Sound Disorders

Language Delays and Disorders 

Early Intervention

Social Skills / Pragmatics​

Cognitive Delays​

Individualized Therapy &

Family Coaching for:


Comprehensive Evaluations for:

 Receptive & Expressive Communication Skills

 Phonological & Articulation Development

Social Communication Skills​

Evaluations include both standardized test measures, as well as parent and client interview, file reviews from previous testing or therapy, screenings, language samples, and home and/or school observations

Following the evaluation, you will receive a comprehensive report with the evaluation results, summary, and recommendations. We will use the evaluation to guide the development of a personalized therapy plan, goals, and objectives.

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