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Be Seen & Heard 

Our founder Shontaye offers a variety of live or remote presentations for parents, caregivers, and professionals.  Presentations and courses are customized to meet the needs of your audience. 


Please read below to see how Having Our Say can be a resource to your organization.



Having Our Say is dedicated to providing resources and education to help parents and caregivers enhance language skills in their children.  Our parent workshops provide opportunities to discuss topics such as language acquisition,

language milestones, recognizing the signs of communication delays,

choosing the right toys and books to build language. 

Parent workshops are a great opportunity for parents/ parent groups

to come together and learn strategies that can be implemented
at home,
as well as to ask questions. 


We can also assist with understanding the IEP process,

understanding your rights, and advocating for appropriate school services. 

Fists in Solidarity


To date, Shontaye has presented to over 30,000 parents and professionals across North America.  Course offerings for speech language pathologist, educators,

and other professionals are available. 


Preschool and daycare trainings are designed to provide

teachers and staff with an understanding of language development. 

We also outline how to identify signs of communication disorders to help educators recognize when to make appropriate referrals. 


"Shontaye is not only an amazing SLP but a talented presenter and author. I was able to recently collaborate with Shontaye for an online conference, SLP Summit. From the beginning, Shontaye's communication style, attention to detail, and ability to meet deadlines was very much appreciated. 


Shontaye currently has approximately 20,000 people enrolled in her SLP Summit course, who on average have about 65 students on their caseloads. Therefore, she is directly and positively impacting about 1.3 million children as a result of this one presentation. I highly recommend Shontaye and am looking forward to collaborating with her on future projects!"

— Lisa K, Co-Founder SLP Toolkit

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