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Using Books to Boost Language

As a little girl I remember asking my mother to read “Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss” every night. It is one of my fondest childhood memories and may explain why I love birthdays so much. As a parent I am an advocate for using bedtime stories as part of our nightly routine. My oldest daughter loved to hear Dr. Seuss’ “One Fish, Two Fish”, and we are now introducing my baby girl to “Goodnight Moon” and other classics.

The nightly ritual of bedtime stories combined with warm hugs and kisses creates lifelong memories, but it also offers much more. Book reading is a great language –enriching activity offering opportunities for vocabulary development and developing pre-literary skills. And it doesn’t have to occur at bedtime. You can use books anytime to enhance your child’s language- whether your child is just beginning to acquire language, has a robust vocabulary, or is delayed.

Click the link below for more tips on how you can use books to enhance language. Happy reading!

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