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Speech Homework

Every week (well almost every week) I send home speech homework. Sometimes I will send assignments and sometimes it may be an update of what we are targeting in therapy. It’s my way of updating parents and caregivers on what their child is working on in therapy. My speech homework can include actual worksheets or just suggested strategies that families can do at home to support therapy goals. At times I will send recipes for crafts or cooking activities that we do in school so that the children can recreate the activity at home with their families.

Children only spend 1-2 hours a week with their speech therapist. It’s important that children have opportunities to practice their language skills outside of the classroom/ therapy room. School SLPs don’t have constant contact with parents, but the “Speech folder/ book” is my attempt at keeping the lines of communication open.

Does you child have a speech folder/ book? Do you maintain communication with your SLP?

Send a note to your child’s therapist’s or shoot an email. We welcome communication and love to hear back from you!

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