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Public Speaking

I recently had the honor of participating as a presenter at Johns Hopkins University’s first annual Early Child Care and Education Expo.

This was not my first public speaking engagement as a speech language pathologist, but it was my first time public speaking since starting Having Our Say. To say that it was an honor is an understatement (insert happy dance!) I am extremely grateful to the staff at Johns Hopkins University School of Education Center for Technology in Education for the invitation and the opportunity.

My topic for the presentation was language development and disorders in children. I wanted to provide caregivers, educators, and parents a general orientation to how language skills develop in children. Knowing how language develops enables parents to identify the signs of a communication disorder and early identification leads to early intervention. I also offered strategies for parents to help encourage language in children, as well as resources to find professional help.

When I created this site less than a year ago, my goal was to reach as many parents and caregivers as possible. I wanted to empower them with information and help them encourage good communication skills. This public speaking opportunity allowed me the chance to educate and impart some of my knowledge and experience to others. If I was able to help even one family- I count that as a success!

If you have questions or would like information about language disorders and typical development in children, please email me at

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