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Using bedtime stories for joint book reading

In my last post Book reading I talked about reading and shared attention. Often I find that having a visual example helps demonstrate the task and how to carry it out. With this in mind I am sharing a video from one of our bedtime stories. In this video you will see the pair engaged in the same activity. Watch as they read together with joint focus. Notice how Dad points to the pictures that go with the words he is reading and how baby imitates his actions. You will hear her repeat words and she will insert her own comments about the words she hears and the pictures she sees!

As promised, all you need is a book, a little bit of uninterrupted time, and cooperation to make reading a learning and bonding experience that can help boost language development too!

**Please Baby Please by Spike Lee is a favorite of both my girls. We have had this particular copy for over 12 years (notice the torn pages.) The vivid illustrations and repetitive text are easy for little readers to attend to.

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