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Puffy Pumpkins!

It’s Fall! It’s October and the Autumn/ Halloween activities are in full gear. I came upon this quick and easy craft activity while visiting one of my favorite preschool classes. The students loved it and the opportunities to practice language skills were plentiful. Lucky for us, their teacher Mrs. Montana was more than happy to share her instructions and I am sharing it all with you.

There are so many things that I like about this activity. First- it’s inexpensive. Secondly- it is sure to excite your little one’s senses as well as facilitate plenty of vocabulary. And thirdly- it’s fun, fast, and easy to do at home! I can’t begin to tell you how many smiles and giggles were happening while we did this craft.

Here’s what you need: shaving cream, glue, orange paint, paint brushes.

You will also need a plain white pumpkin template (use heavy construction paper or card stock), 3 black triangles (or any shape) made from construction paper to make your pumpkin’s face, and a small container for mixing.

That’s IT!!!

In a small container, mix the above ingredients in equal parts. You can add glitter to make your puffy pumpkin really sparkle. Worried about making a mess? Don’t be! While you mix the paint, glue, and shaving cream with a spoon, let your little one have some sensory fun with the shaving cream. Spray some on a safe surface and enjoy some finger play. Draw letters in the shaving cream or whatever his imagination desires. Talk about the creations- yes, there are opportunities for language in everything! And be sure to label each item as you place it into the bowl. Use sequence words as you complete each step (i.e. First we add the orange paint, Next let’s add shaving cream, etc.)

After you have mixed all of your ingredients, have your child take a paint brush and add liberal amounts of the mixture onto the pumpkin. Cover the entire template so that no white shows. Try to make thick layers to create the puffed appearance.

After your pumpkin template is covered in the paint mixture, place the shapes on your pumpkin to give it a face. Talk about the shapes that you are using. What kind of face does your pumpkin have? Is it a happy face? Sad? Mad? Scary?

Your finished (dry) product will have a raised puffy appearance. If you added glitter, it will also have a slightly textured appearance too. Talk about what you see and feel. I hope you have as much fun as we did! Thank you to Mrs. Montana and my preschool friends!

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