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Toys R Us Kids

The announcement that Toys R Us would be permanently shutting its doors was quite a blow to Baby Boomers and Generation Xers. I have vivid memories of browsing their huge catalogue and circling all of the items I hoped to get for Christmas. And let's not forget the actual trips to the store! My grandparents would take us there as a treat and would let us roam the aisles until we each found the perfect toy to purchase. Just the memory of it makes me smile.

So needless to say when I heard the announcement I made fast plans to take my toddler to the store. We had a gift card I couldn't let go to waste, but also I wanted one last chance to go toy shopping in the brick and mortar store. When we walked into the store she produced an audible gasp of air. She was overcome with glee and happily overwhelmed by the sea of toys. She was drawn to the baby dolls and accessories. The SLP Mama in me was pleased that she walked by the lights and sounds of the electronic toys and cared more about buying a stroller to take her baby for a walk and bath accessories (for when the walk was over.)

We ended our trip with a cruise down the board game aisle. I am a big proponent of playing board games at home and in therapy. Board games target and enhance many skills like problem solving, critical thinking, math concepts, and more. ICYMI check out my post Let's Play which highlights the benefits of playing games.

We purchased a few games to add to our home collection and headed back home. Years from now she may not remember this day, but this final trip will be added to the memories for this Toys R Us kid.

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