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Becoming a minimalist (kinda)

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summer cleaning

My summer vacation from the schools is coming to an end and I find myself taking on more projects at home. Something about September being on the horizon inspires me to get organized and prepared for the upcoming school year. This means cleaning closets, purging clothes and trips to Good Will.

I'd like to be a minimalist. I mean not when it comes to my shoes or clothes, but I do feel balanced and at peace when my home and office are organized. I try to encourage my kids to do the same, but it can be difficult to enforce with a teenager and a toddler. Purging clothes that they have outgrown is a simpler task, but minimizing toys can be a bit more difficult. Albeit not easy- I am a firm believer in getting rid of old toys and games before bringing in new ones.

If you have read my posts here or on Facebook and Instagram, you know that I am an advocate for play and choosing toys that foster communication and imagination. Choosing the right toy is important, but it is also important not to accumulate an overwhelming amount of toys either. Children learn to be more resourceful with fewer toys and tend to be more creative with what they have.

In his article "Why fewer toys are better" Joshua Becker lists reasons why less is better when it comes to your toy collection. Not only will your play room/ child's bedroom look better, but your child will appreciate what he/ she has. He/ she will learn to take greater care of things and learn patience. Having fewer toys means you will focus longer on what is present (attention span) and learn not to give up quickly and move on to something easier. These skills are valuable tools that will be used throughout their lifetime.

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