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Resolutions or Intentions?

It is now safe to say we survived 2020. We made it to the other side and can breathe a collective sigh. I have no idea what 2021 will bring, but this moment feels like when I press Control- ALT- delete hoping to get the reboot I so desperately need.

A few years ago I stopped making the usual resolutions related to weight loss or saving money. Instead I made personal, private vows on how I planned to show up for the year. That first year, I set the intention to be "open to new situations and possibilities." Later that year I met my now husband! Now I set intentions for my professional and personal life and it is my way of holding myself accountable. throughout the year.

As I prepare to return to my clinical work, I am reminded that the year has changed, but our circumstances have not changed much. I will continue providing therapy services virtually for the foreseeable future. I am proud of the progress my students are making and how well they (and their families) have adapted. In case you missed it, Occupational Therapist Melissa DelaTorre shared some great tips on how to support students during virtual learning. You can access that post here.

Literacy-based intervention is still my thing! In addition to focusing on winter themes, this month I will also be sharing books that focus on our civic duties, the power of using your voice and honoring civil Right's heroes like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Fannie Lou Hamer, and many other unsung heroes. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see what books I share in therapy and if you are looking for new books to add to your library, check out my diverse book section.

Reading remains a proven way to teach language, develop imagination, foster better literacy skills and critical thinking. It holds the power to connect children (and adults) to people, experiences, and cultures they may have otherwise never encountered. With this in mind, I remain committed to my mission to increase diversity in children's literature- because everyone should be seen and heard!

2020 was a year of challenges and loss. The year stretched us beyond our limitations and forced us to shift the way we think and the way we live our lives. We were also gifted with time- time to reflect, to learn, unlearn, and to grow.

I am grateful for YOU and the Having Our Say community. Wishing you peace, good health and joy this year and beyond. Happy New Year!!

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